Program Tour No.2  Chiang Rai Hilltribe Study Center Half-Day Tour

Program Tour No. 2  Chiang Rai Hilltribe Study Center HalfDay Tour

One of the best place to visit a Hilltribe village is to visit Chiang Rai Hilltribe Study Center to get more information about the hilltribe people and the village that you are going to visit. If you have any questions that your guide cannot answer, he/she will find the answer or ask the villagers for more information. This trip, we will take you to Yao village. The Yao village is quite modern as tribal people also likely to have a better life. You will see house with grass roof and bamboo sidings looks nice and very ethnic, these materials are also highly combustible. It is no wonder that tribal people would rather have metal sheet or gypsum tiles for roofing materials. We will take you to an Akha village and Lahu village. These two villages are more traditional in nature and give you for more authentic feeling.Last place, we will take you to Huai Mae Sai waterfall. During the summer season, you may enjoy with your time with the waterfall nearby for last place.


Halfday Tour

The tour start at 09.00 am. and will take you back to the hotel between 1.00 pm.- 1.30 pm.