Mae Salong Mountain Tour

7. Mae Salong Mountain Tour

Chiang Rai is home to many artists – two of whom are National Artists. The more popular National artist is Chalermchai Kositpiphat – who created the White Temple. The other National Artist – Tawan Duchanee created the Black House complex north of Chiang Rai city. I prefer visiting the Black house as it has a more eclectic collection of interesting things to see.

We take you to the mountains of Mae Salong where you can visit an Akha village where PDA Chiang Rai initiated a community-based tourism project at the Akha tribal village of Ban Lorcha. Ban Lorcha is a traditional village. Fortunately, their way of life has not yet been ruined by the tourism activities and religious conversion.

For lunch, we proceed to Mae Salong hill where you can enjoy Yunnanese cuisine prepared by the descendants of the Koumingtang soldiers that settled in this area several decades ago.

Learn about the recent history of this area by visiting the Chinese museum at Santi Khiri (Mae Salong).

Mae Salong used to produce lots of opium. Today, the opium has been replaced by a new crop of a more benign nature – TEA! Many tea plantation owners have started to raise a variety called U-Long Tea that has a very fragrant aroma and exquisite taste. Of course, good tea comes at a price. One kilogram of the best tea this area produces could set you back a few thousand Baht. We think it’s worth it.

This area has many stories to tell. Learn more about its history by booking this tour from PDA Tours.

Minimum number of passengers recommended is two.

Note: Your safety is our concern. If weather conditions make travel to certain destinations dangerous, your itinerary may be changed without prior notice.