Half Day Chiang Rai Hilltribe Study Tour

2. Half Day Chiang Rai Hilltribe Study Tour

It is best to visit a hilltribe village if a tour guide accompanies you. Your guide will be able to tell you more about the people and village you are visiting. If you have questions that your guide cannot answer, he/she can always ask villagers for more information.

On this trip, we take you to a Yao village. The Yao village is quite modern, as tribal people also like to have better amenities in life. While a house with grass roof and bamboo sidings looks nice and very ethnic, these materials are also highly combustible. It is no wonder that tribal people would rather have metal sheet or gypsum tiles for roofing materials.

We proceed to an Akha village and Lahu village. These two villages are more traditional in nature and gives you a more authentic feeling.

Do not be misled by the modern look of the village. After all, it is not the house that makes the people.

During the summer months, you may cool off by plunging into the cool water of a nearby waterfall.

You could also visit a small community-managed tribal museum.

Note: Photos of villagers were taken during festivals. On ordinary days, villagers may be seen wearing modern clothes.

Minimum number of passengers recommended is two.

Note: All time durations indicated in our tour programs are ESTIMATES. The actual tour program may be longer or shorter depending on the actual route taken.

Note: Your safety is our concern. If weather conditions make travel to certain destinations dangerous, your itinerary may be changed without prior notice.