What makes us different?

All of the profit generated by PDA Tourunder All North Co., Ltd.) is donated to support community development activities of the Population and Community Development Association (PDA) at Chiang Rai. (More details regarding the community development activities of PDA can be found here.) (

As much as possible, we try to identify ways in which villagers can earn money from tourism activities. We have done this by implementing community based tourism activities wherein villagers take on a very active role in tourism activities at their villagers.

With our model of tourism, villagers are not bystanders watching tourists walk through their village. They are active participants and benefit in a manner  that is not demeaning to them.

We do not engage in tours to human zoos. For this reason trips to Long-Neck Karen villages are not offer by PDA Tour.

We encourage you to learn more about tribal people by visiting our tour office and the Hilltribe Museum and Education Center.