Why the name Cabbages & Condoms?

You may wonder how the Cabbages and Condoms or C&C got its peculiar name.  Mr. Mechai (aka- Mr. Condom) said that you can go to any shop around Thailand and you will always find cabbages. Condoms should be like cabbages “ ubiquitous.  And so the name Cabbages and Condoms (C&C) was conceived.

C&C is PDAs public-benefit restaurant used to promote family planning and HIV/AIDS prevention in Thailand.

PDA pioneered in the concept of community-based family planning service delivery.  At the peak of our family planning (FP) promotion work, we had an army of over 12,000 FP volunteers working in 16,000 thousand villages. This covered approximately 1/3 of the Kingdom of Thailand.

It was through this massive grassroots network of FP volunteers that we were able to substantially contribute to reducing the population growth rate from 3% in the year 1974 to 0.6% today.

PDA has two C&C Restaurants in Chiang Rai “ one within the City of Chiang Rai and the other along Chiang Rai-Chiang Mai highway at Wiang Pa Pao district (near kilometer post 85).

For more information, please call us at the numbers shown below.

Our Food is Guaranteed Not to Cause Pregnancy