Program Tour No.6 Special trip 2 mountains (Doi Mae Salong & Doi Tung)

Program Tour No.6. Special trip 2 mountains (Doi Mae Salong & Doi Tung)

We will take you to visit to  the 5 hill tribes that live here There will still be cultures of each tribe to be seen, such as hand weaving, traditional clothing of each tribe, characteristics of houses.Then, we will take you to Doi Mae Salong. Here you will experience the traditional Akha way of life at  “Lor Yo” village. Ban Lor Yo is Akha Village and the houses are made from clay  and become a mad houses.. Your lunch will be packed in bamboo containers. It is a tribal set menu or we called a traditional Akha tribal Khuntok. Then we will continue go to the tea factory. We will take you to taste a famous tea at the top of the mountain. You can see the beautiful nature.Then we will continue to Doi Mae Salong to see a beautiful 101 tea plantation among the mountains. Here you can learn more about the recent history of this area by visiting the Koumintang village of Santi Khiri at Mae Salong. Koumintang Village is inhabited by 7 tribes such as Yunnan Chinese, Yao (Mien), Akha , Lisu ,Lahu, Thai Yai and Thai Lue. Nowadays, all houses are modern and also the way of how they dress. This tour will take you to the Royal Project at Doi Tung, where there is a beautiful botanical garden that is opens to the public. There is a souvenir shop at Doi Tung that features handicrafts that is designated hand-woven by materials and ceramics. The crop replacement  project to reduce opium production in this area and now there is many products that produces a variety of agricultural products like Arabika coffee and Macadamia. After this, we will then to Muang Chiang Rai and take you back to the hotel.

The tour start at 09.00 am. and will take you back to the hotel between 6.00 pm.- 6.30 pm.


1 person2 person3 person
5,000 Baht2,900.- / 1 pax2,300.- / 1 pax

All prices include tour guide, driver, snacks with orange juice, accident insurance, lunch & beverages and all entrance fees