Program Tour No.8  Trekking Tour (2 Day 1 Night) 

Program Tour No.8  Trekking Tour (2 Day 1 Night

This program, you will walk through four different tribal villages (Karen, Lahu, Akha and Yao). Many of these tribal villages are undergoing changing and become a modernized community. The villagers way of life is changing a bit, however, they still remained and keep their culture the same as before but there are many life style has change due to a period of time. Villagers supplement their income by collecting some stuff from the jungle with different types of grasses to produce thatch roof shingles or to produce brooms. Other villagers go into the forest to collect edible products such as bamboo shoots, mushrooms or a wild-vegetables. We start the day by riding a long tail boat up the Mae Kok River (1-hour) to a Karen village. The Karen village, it takes about       1 -hour to see the beauty of the forest among the nature and then to get lunch. Among the different tribal groups, Only the Karen can handle their elephants. After that , we will Walk around the Lahu village to see how the  tribal group builds their houses. In day time, the villagers are almost stay in the farmland for their daily working. Next day, we will travel to see a beautiful waterfall. We will cook our lunch on the way with bamboo tubes with various  tribal styles among the mountains and waterfalls. We are guaranteed that this activity will make you satisfy and impress.

After that, we will walk down the hill to Lisu and Akha villages. It is organized by a small community. We will see that, there are modern thus lives of the Akha and Lahu tribes. Visiting every village of each tribe is therefore different.

*We have a tour guide who specializes in trekking routes and the tour guide can speak English and the tribal language and we also have a driver who expert for driving.