Program Tour No.9  Trekking Tour (3 Day 2 Night)

Program Tour No.9  Trekking Tour (3 Day 2 Night)

This trek offers a more intimate look at two very special Hilltribe in Chiang Rai – the Lahu and Akha.  These tribes are often found close together in the province, mixing commerce and culture through their hunting skills, while the Akha are best known for their strong beliefs in spirits and ornate costumes. This trip offers trekkers the opportunity to learn about the changing lifestyles   of tribal people due to the onslaught of lowland culture.  The trek hopes to make the visitor more culturally sensitive to the endangered tribal culture.

Day 1

Pick up at hotel.  Ride a long-tailed boat up the Mae Kok River to Karen Village.  Shop around the village for some interesting handicraft made by Hilltribe people. Lunch along the Mae Kok River in one of the restaurants.  Walk 2-3 Hours to Lahu village. Trek downhill to observe Yao and Akha villagers and children.  Assist in preparing your own dinner with you trekking guide.

Day 2

Continental breakfast while watching the sunrise from the top of the mountain.  After that take a refreshing dip at a secluded waterfall.  Visit Akha village home – one of PDA ‘s projects and Lahu village.  Stay overnight in the next Akha village.

Day 3

After breakfast, cross-forest creeksand trek up across the hill to an Akha village. (1.30 hrs.)  On the way, learn about the nature in this area.   After lunch, continue walking down (2 hrs.) along the scenic trails of natural bamboo tunnels to a Thai village of Huay Khom for pick up by Songtaew and return to Chiang Rai in the late afternoon

Activities included in the trip are:

  1. 1. Cooking activity on bamboo
  2. 2. Dinner cooking activity at the Akha tribe house.
  3. 3. Ring making activity with bamboo

Note : Optional activities that cost money. Must be notified 3 days in advance of the trip.


Note: Every trip, we provide pick-up service from your accommodation – send back to your accommodation until the end of the trip. Including entrance tickets to all locations (This price is the price of 2024)Thank you for supporting the Chiang Rai Hilltribe Museum and PDA Tour Chiang Rai. Part of our income is used to develop the population and various tribal villages. in Chiang Rai province.